Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Muntather

Iraqi journalist Muntather al-Zeidi

Our Iraqi blogger Raed started an online petition to ask for the immediate release of Montather. Please visit and sign it here. Raed is going to print the petition and hand it over to the Iraqi embassy in DC in case he is not released this week.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Honestly I must say that I am getting really pissed of with all this negative babbling and demands on ordinary Muslims. As if the world would have been all a dance on evergreen landscapes if it weren’t for them.

Well guess what the Germans claimed to be Christians they killed millions of Jews, homosexuals, communists and handicapped people.

The Spanish and Portuguese claimed to be Christians when they slaughtered millions of indigenous people in America and Africa.

The British claimed to be Christians when they slaughtered people in Africa and Asia and the Belgium’s too claimed they were Christians when they slaughtered almost 6 million people in Africa.

The French said they were Christians when they killed people in Africa and Asia.

And the US politician claim they are a religious Christian nation and they decided to militarily attack a country who had not attacked them. Or just let us remember this nations actions in Laos. From 1964 to 1973 the United States dropped more than 2 million tons of ordnance on Laos. That's a planeload of bombs every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years.

Not sure about Churches in other democratic nations but here in Sweden they were found to have been investing their money in both the porn and military industry.

And Israel claims its Jewish when it hold over a million people in a death camp in Gaza. And over 10 000 Palestinians in prison without charges.


I live in Sweden and Sweden has a military corporation with the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia. Sweden sold weapons to many other totalitarian regimes too who prohibit its people from a free healthy democratic development.

In Saudi Arabia if you work for human rights you get sent behind bars for allegations of terror or a threat to national security.

So on which side does Sweden and most of the democratic regimes stand on? Well they work hand in hand with the corrupted totalitarian Saudi Arabian regime making it stronger.

This happens in so many other countries and has been the tradition since many decades ago. If the regime cares more about protecting western economical interests and their personal wealth they get support.

People are starving in Egypt they want a better life a freer life away from dictator Mubarak. But what does the west and USA do? Give him military and political support.

Over and over again this happens year after year.

Democratic countries regimes support dictators because it's good for their own economic growth .

I read once that Saudi Arabia regimes weapon deal with Brittan is the reason why 20 000 Britt's have a job to go to each day.

So politician weight - demands to give Saudi Arabia's people more power to change their country - risking 20 000 Britt's losing their jobs - they have time after time chosen to keep the jobs.

Other nations people's rights have time and time again been put aside if it interfere with our own interests. And yet we seem to have no shame in our media and political debates to criticise these people for not living a life such us ours.

Even totalitarian regimes play the blame game - blaming its own people and never its own way of ruling.

So do you ever hear these democratic regimes linking their own actions in strengthening a dictator, totalitarian or corrupted regime to the fact that it is a major reason why it's so difficult for those who take and want to take responsibility to democratise their countries and make it a better society?

Now these leaders see the west regimes support to them as a green light to call their opponents who ever they may be as a threat to national security and therefore either kill them, torture them , threatened them, make their life hell or hindering them from their work.

War on terror has made it even easier to silence opponents.

I remember a few years ago when we had a huge earth quake in Pakistan. Pakistan needed help from all over the world. And what did Sweden do? Well Sweden went ahead and finalised a weapon sell for 1 milliard SEK to the dictator Mosharaf.

When angry ordinary people in Sweden protested the answer we got back was well the deal was made before the earth quake?!!!!!

The fact that Sweden as a democratic country just sold weapons to a dictator using money he stole from the Pakistani people was apparently not a problem??!!!

A few days later you hear leaders praising Swedish efforts to help with blankets and health service to Pakistan. Wouldn't it have been better to demand that Mosharaf uses 1 milliard to built better houses, schools, health centres and roads to the Pakistani people instead? Wouldn't it have been better to demand that the sum of money be used on building a free democratic healthy open society where the Pakistani people's human rights are respected?

We have so many other western democratic regimes that sell a lot of weapons to totalitarian regimes and/or have military and intelligence corporation with them.

All the time never ever admitting or taking into account that its own actions creates the problems it says its fighting.

Why do people not like us we hear? Its your active support with the regime who prohibit them from a better life they don't like. But nobody listens to that. No we still just hear they claim they hate us because they are Muslims, they have problems because they are Muslims... muslims.... islam.... muslims... threat.....islam....

No let the charade continue its only the ordinary Muslim its wrong with.

And the 18 million people who die from starvation each year are apparently not the sort of lives that need an urgent solution such a war on poverty either.

The fact is western democratic countries actions are one of the reason why there is so much destabilisations in the world today.

Another is totalitarian regimes and the extreme corruption we have in leadership in so many countries in Africa and Asia and even some European and American nations too.

A third is a result of the first two and that is that people have lost their faith in politicians ability and willingness to work for what is best for the majority. Work to end poverty, access to clean water, electricity, food, housing, free education, roads, work that gives you a salary you can live on, access to affordable health care, solidarity and respect of human rights.

People's loss of faith in politicians ability and willingness to work for what is good for the majority can develop into three different results or a combination of them together:

One is that people are so weakened mentally and/or physically that they have lost all ability and/or willingness to participate in building a better society. All their strength goes only to survive from one day to another nothing more. We sadly see this in many places. Its one of the dangers since the society problems can get extreme hard to come to terms with for those who try to work for change to a better society.

Another is that criminal, political and religious fundamentalist groups see the people who have lost faith as a place where to get support and destabilise countries and the society. And other criminal groups see the regime as a place to join to work with them to hindering a healthy development in the country. This is growing and a threat to many innocent people.

And another is the struggle of local and international NGOs together with the local people to manage the work for global solidarity. The positive outcome from grass root levels such as Fair Trade is where our support should be going! These are the groups of people who will give faith back to the ones who lost it. Some see this as a threat because more people get the power over their lives regardless of who is in power and some see it as the only pathway to sustainable peace!

So which way do world leaders want to take their nations people and the world 2009?

Continue as before, with wars, bombs, torture, lies, hate, fear and double standards?

Or will they join us who urgently want to eliminate poverty and injustice and work for global solidarity with peaceful means?

I hope many of them chose to join us - WELCOME!!!

Solidarity, empathy, caring and sharing

Monday, November 05, 2007

In honour of the future victims of Swedish-made weapons

”In honour of the future victims of Swedish-made weapons”

Seen at the Place Poelaert in central Brussels

By the Swedish artist Fia-Stina Sandlund

Before the war against Iraq, Sweden sold weapons to the USA for 2,2 milliard. Today its 5,3 milliard. So some companies, its investors and employees are benefiting very much of a war in Iraq.

The fact that it is against Swedish law to sell weapons to countries in war seem to have been an issue that the government see as not important. Its new times and new rules. Times when Sweden has openly become among the nations that sacrifices other nations people for its own economical benefit.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lets have more head of states demand the same

Once in a while you come across something that just need to be republished:

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has refused to renew Washington's lease on the Manta air base, set to expire in 2009. U.S.

"We'll renew the base on one condition: that they let us put a base in Miami -- an Ecuadorean base," Correa said in an interview during a trip to Italy.

"If there's no problem having foreign soldiers on a country's soil, surely they'll let us have an Ecuadorean base in the United States."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Solutions to help Iraqis

Solutions to help Iraqis:

  • The centre of it all resides in shifting from military solutions to political and humanitarian solutions.

  • The Iraqi government, U.S and its allies must stop all military attacks since it have only resulted in more violence, death, hate and destruction and not sustainable peace.

  • U.S gives Iraqis a timetable for leaving Iraq within 365 days. This is what the majority of Iraqis have been asking for years and nowadays it’s even what the majority of what people in the U.S. want too.

  • Until then any foreign troops are under the United Nations General Assembly rule, they represent the UN.

  • Start/Continue a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, get more help from South Africa in this issue.

  • New democratic elections in 12 months.

  • For the coming election change the current electoral committee to one fully controlled and run by the UN. The new committee should participate in the electoral education of Iraqis.

  • Iraqis rule Iraq

  • Iraqis are offered the jobs in their country. Stop importing workforces from aboard when million of Iraqis are unemployed and all they want is to work. Start reconstruction!

  • Political militias are forbidden.

  • Foreign militias/mercenaries/private armies must leave Iraq immediately.

  • When the above is put in action then the group who call themselves the real Iraqi resistance must stop its military attacks on occupation troops and its allies. They are now on their way out of Iraq. Those who choose to still fight would be considered criminals and treated thereafter. And that goes both ways of course.

  • Put together the original Iraqi army, at least lets try. It will work as a good control mechanism on the streets in Iraq. This army is the one that include all Iraqis. This will increase the chance to more people working together with them. This will increase the stability in the Iraq cities and clarify who still does not understand that violence against Iraqis is unacceptable.

  • Under UNs Compensation Commission the US and all its allies become liable under international law to pay compensation for losses and damages resulting from U.S and their invasion and occupation of Iraq.

  • Foreign troops must be accountable under Iraqi law. The immunity that Bremer gave them is not active any longer.

  • Iraq becomes a member of the ICC. Until a system is set up in Iraq this is also where Iraqis who have committed crimes against their own Iraqi people will be put on trial.

  • All contracts and laws that have come up since the invasion must be stopped; it will be the next government to in full transparency to review them. This includes the demands from IMF and World Bank.

  • All foreign advisers that have been appointed by the occupation or the current Iraqi government are to leave Iraq immediately.

  • All foreigners who have been assigned to give courses about democracy to Iraqis until now you are to leave Iraq immediately. You are obviously incompetent and unskilled. New competent ones will take over!

  • All U.S. and other foreign military bases that have been built shall all be closed in 365 days. Thereafter it shall be open for Iraqis to move into. Iraqis who have lost their homes.

  • Parties must be based on political ideologies. Not race, not religion, not which foreign country that supports you.

  • The current parties that have had political or economical support from a foreign country are allowed to participate in the elections coming up in 8-12 years. This will allow “free parties” to develop and “non free parties” to come back clean!

  • Since the elections are in 12 months, then the first 6 months are for parties to formulate their political programs. Then we have 5 months for these political programs to be available to the Iraqi people and let the debate start! Month 12 there is election.

  • Independent election monitors from the UN or even better from Amnesty International.

  • Starting up peaceful dialogues with neighbouring countries people to work on the longer perspective for peace and democracy in the area.

  • Opening Amnesty International offices in every city and village in Iraq. Opening offices for well established international peace organisations in every city in Iraq. Letting these hold seminars, training sessions, and workshops on topics of human rights, solving conflicts thru non violence and working on the empowerment of civil society groups that are found in Iraq and establish more.

Also start a campaign of having these seminars and training sessions in all political parties, parliament, army units, new Iraqi police stations, Iraqi schools and work places too!

  • Starting an anti corruption campaign, here I believe Finland can lend a helping hand.

  • Starting democracy and human rights courses on TV, radio, newspapers and Internet. Here I suggest Switzerland to be the country to lend a hand!

All this can be accomplished and these suggestions work from grass root levels and up and that is what is needed if we want any country to succeed! Its clear from the last years military actions that change is needed, these suggestions are some steps towards that, they can develop and become even better too. We have to start somewhere...

For the whole world here are suggestions too:

  • Start an international Library project for Borrowing A Living Book. This has had a huge success in Swedish libraries whom have tried it so let them help here! You can borrow a religious person, a policeperson, a manager, a blind person, an athlete, a homosexual, a teacher etc over a cup of tea or coffee. Ask questions, learn and increase the understanding which leads to a better tolerant world!

  • People starts seriously using alternatives to oil. No more repression, domination and wars for oil and gas.

  • People starts seriously using sustainable methods when using water resources. Let’s learn from half a century disastrous oil conflicts and avoid future wars for water.

  • Air pollution, water shortage, water pollution and loss of biodiversity are all global problems. By changes in our daily behaviour we can save our planet. Becoming a vegan or vegetarian is a good step too. What good is your freedom to vote if you can no longer breath clean air, don't have access to clean water and your soil is polluted.

  • Demand that Israel's and the Palestinians legal borders are the ones from 1948 or 1967. Both have to respect this.

  • Close down all U.S. military bases in the world! (The United States maintains 737 military bases in 130 countries across the globe.) Let the money that has gone to the military and Pentagon instead go to U.S people's universal health care, better schools for U.S kids, getting rid of AIPAC, sustainable infrastructure and investing in a national and global education system for solving conflicts by peaceful means!

  • Start an International Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

  • Regimes that disregard human rights or international law must NOT be strengthened by political, economical and military deals and support.

  • The sinister weapon multi billion industry’s only function is to produce products whose only purpose is to destroy societies, kill and injure children, men and women. To sell these weapons they work fulltime to make us fear and hate each other. Their survival to earn more billions is to se to it that we always have conflicts and wars.

    So please join disarmament groups. Get rid of the weapon industry.

    Let’s work together for global sustainable peace built on equality and solidarity for us living now and for our coming generations. Please let’s take that path!

Other suggestions are welcomed! . So are your views how to improve/change the ones I have written with arguments. This is a platform for us to move forward!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Iraqs traumatised children


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Please go and read the story of Marwan Hussein, his wife Abdya and their two kids Hala, 5, and Yehia, 7

"For the past seven months, I've been selling half of our monthly food rations [distributed as aid by the Ministry of Trade to help poor families registered by the government] to raise some money to flee to Syria…”

This is how devastated Iraqis have become, they sell their food to flee Iraq : (

Yesterday I was told that yet another relative, a cousin of mine, have fled Iraq to Syria becouse of death threats. My other cousin (his brother) is totally traumatized, after people on a pickup shot his best friend in front of him. He is now hidden somewhere in Iraq wanting to leave ASAP. My thoughts goes to the friends family too.

My aunt who fled to Syria a year ago is now going back to see if she can get my other aunt Khawla out of Iraq. My aunt Khawla is the mother to my cousins I talked about and she had diabetes and because of the damn sanctions before she could not get enough medication to treat it, which led to her loosing her sight : (

Which western nation in heavens name could she have attacked with that medication?

Bush, Rice and their blood thirsty supporters, no one gave you the right to make Iraq your arena for wars you want to have. Take your stinking war with the troops that are willing to fight it for you out of Iraq to your own cities in the U.S. And let Iraqis pick up the pieces of the broken society as they have managed to do so many times before and come back!

Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means