Monday, April 03, 2006

A spade and a dead Iraqi

'If You Start Looking at Them as Humans, Then How Are You Gonna Kill Them?' are the words of a US soldier telling how it was in Iraq.

Iraqi Veterans against the war are getting louder and their stories about Iraq are getting out more and more. This is all good the only thing I wish is that it could have happened much earlier so many lives would have been saved. The fact is that it does not matter what sort of personal Iraq policy Bush and who ever runs the US with him have; they can not implement them by themselves. It is you US soldiers in Iraq who are doing the killing for them. So stop it, leave your weapon and say “I have had enough of committing all of these war crimes against Iraqis, I will not commit crimes for Bush and his team, I will not be an occupying soldier”.

There are many steps Iraq needs to take to heal and find peace and one very important part is ending the occupation of our country and the devastation it brought with it.

Casey told us how, from the top down, there was little regard for the Iraqis, who were routinely called "hajjis", the Iraq equivalent of "gook". "They basically jam into your head: 'This is hajji! This is hajji!' You totally take the human being out of it and make them into a video game."

It was a way of dehumanising the Iraqis? "I mean, yeah - if you start looking at them as humans, and stuff like that, then how are you going to kill them?"

He says that soldiers who served in his area before his unit's arrival recommended them to keep spades on their vehicles so that if they killed innocent Iraqis, they could throw a spade off them to give the appearance that the dead Iraqi was digging a hole for a roadside bomb.

Casey says he didn't participate in any such killings himself, but claims the pervasive atmosphere was that "you could basically kill whoever you wanted - it was that easy. You did not even have to get off and dig a hole or anything. All you had to do was have some kind of picture. You're driving down the road at three in the morning. There's a guy on the side of the road, you shoot him ... you throw a shovel off."

…. "We want the Iraqi people to know that we stand with them," says Blake, "and that we're sorry, so sorry.


At 10:29 pm, Blogger LJansen said...

Hi, Nadia. I share your reaction to the US vets against Iraq war. They need to tell their comrades (or former comrades) to quit the war. Not just be sorry about the fact they were there, but get the others to quit.


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